About Us

Sun Kissed, The Products are 100% Ethnic safe & Natural. Paraben & Sulfate Free. Our main aim is help woman take care of their Natural Hair, leaving it shiny, good looking & most importantly healthy.

Person behind the Brand: Mthuli Cele

I have had dreadlocks for 7 years before and I decided to cut them off and go for straightened hair ( it was a very hard decision & believe it or not it took me about a whole of the year to finally make that decision & go for it) but I felt like I needed a change, so on the 28th August 2012 I did the BIG chop. Since then I’ve relaxed my hair, put weaves on, did cornrows (straight backs) you name it I’ve done it and after everything I’ve put my hair through, it become clear to me how much I miss my natural hair, as much as it needed to be maintained as well, but jeez not as much as straightened hair, maybe I’m a little lazy as well ( not to mention how expensive these styles are), suppose I needed to go through all of that to find out exactly what worked for me. I’ve since realised I must work with my hair and not to try and make it something that it’s not. Find out how to complement it and get the best of what naturally given to me. Problem is there isn’t much on the market for ethnic hair (kinks & coils). After doing a little digging on natural oils & regimes that works for my hair, with the help of certified professionals we came up with Sun Kissed Ethnic Hair Range.